Serious Chicken Design

In block 3 and 4 of Game Design & Development we had to design a serious game for children between the age of 8 and 12 called ‘Mind if I Control?’. This game had to teach the children computational thinking, even more precise, abstraction. We all came up with an idea in the early phase of designing and we decided to combine them into one game which was Mind if I control. Mind if I Control is a free tablet game that will be more than a source of entertainment. More than that, Mind Control is a game that will be capable of training children’s abstraction and problem-solving skills. In the game you are a young scientist whose last invention is a mind control device. And you are testing your invention on a chicken. In order for the experiment to be successful, players will have to think their movements in advance, plan, and be able to figure out the best solution to the task at hand. The part of game design was mostly done by myself and Gaspar, Gerco also helped us with this subject.



Once in block 4 Gaspar and I designed a few levels for the game and helped to develop a few code lines. From here the game is in progress and we are working really hard to realize this game.

Project group;

Nina Batema:

Denitza Stoyanova:

Gáspár B. Virágos:

Manuel Dalprá:


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