Serious Chicken Design

In block 3 and 4 of Game Design & Development we had to design a serious game for children between the age of 8 and 12. This game had to teach the children computational thinking, even more precise, abstraction. I designed this came together with Nina Batema, Denitza Stoyanova, Gáspár B. Virágos, Gerco van Woudenbergh and Manuel Dalprá. We all…

Protectors of Dunmirk

When I entered block 1 of Game Design & Development we had to design a card game which was for us Protectors of Dunmirk my first game that I designed together with Amedeo Marini, Alex Martynenko, Denitza Stoyanova and Daan Veninga. We needed to design a card game from scratch, which was quite hard to begin…

A flare for the Project

The first year of Game Design & Development was a nice year full of new things. At this course I drew my first art, this is one of my earlier art design we needed to make for our project game. Which was a zombie-survival-strategy game called Road of Cards.

About me

Hello there stranger,

My name is Tim van der Heide and I am an upcoming Game Designer, currently studying the course Game Design & Development at the Hanze hogeschool in Groningen. I want to be a Game Designer because, I was always intrigued with how games came together and liked to make my own stories and games with my friends. Now I can finally work on this on a professional level and I never felt better.