A flare for the Project

The first year of Game Design & Development was a nice year full of new things. At this course I drew my first art, this is one of my earlier art design we needed to make for our project game. Which was a zombie-survival-strategy game called Road of Cards.

The game was about a group of survivors that needed to defend their camp against endless waves of zombies, your score was determined how many waves you finished. You could do your moves by selecting the cards you currently had in your hand. When we finished our block we had to hand-in our game, but we had more ideas to improve the game:

  • By adding a map where you could travel to other places and encounter enemies.
  • Unlockable characters and different weapons + loot.
  • A building option, where you could design your own base.
  • A trading system with other settlements.
  • More zombies and enemies.

Because it was the end of the block we finished our game not even half done, but we met the requirements for our assignment.

Project group;

Joel Boklöv:

Manuel Dalprà:

Menno van Delden:

Mark Van Koningsbrugge:


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