Protectors of Dunmirk

When I entered block 1 of Game Design & Development we had to design a card game which was for us Protectors of Dunmirk my first game that I designed together with Amedeo Marini, Alex Martynenko, Denitza Stoyanova and Daan Veninga. We needed to design a card game from scratch, which was quite hard to begin with, but eventually we came up some really cool ideas. One of those ideas was a rough version of Protectors of Dunmirk a strategic class-based dungeon crawler for four players. Our goal was to create an entertaining card game that immerses the players into the fantasy world. We had noticed that a lot of card and board games out there are mostly competitive, so our group decided to go with a different approach, we created a cooperative card game. The goal of the game was that you, the player, as a hero with your party needed to defend the village of Dunmirk against the evil forces of Uth’ Lukar. To defend Dunmirk you need protect the villagers that are being attacked by waves of monsters by cooperating with your team and kill the enemies to advance to the next wave. Strategic thinking will not always save you, there are situations where chance decides if you get the cards you need at that moment to survive. One draw from your class deck can make or break your game.

Our playtest at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht

We used and a few images from google to design our cards, this is why can’t show you images of the card itself.

Project group;

Amedeo Marini:

Alex Martynenko:

Denitza Stoyanova:

Daan Veninga:


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